What's the format?

1. Lets talk - free 20 minute phone call to assess whether Homeopathy is appropriate for you at this time.


2. Book the first consultation - face to face if you're local or Zoom call. First consultations last approx 1.5 - 2 hours as they involve in-depth case taking, where we discuss all your symptoms and how you experience them, including your nature as a whole person, and your family health traits. This helps to build up a whole picture of you on all levels, mental, emotional and physical. You will have the time and space to discuss your health concerns in full. All contents of your case are strictly confidential.


3. After your consultation, I analyse your case and post you a remedy. This may be a single dose in pill form or a series of doses for a time depending on your individual case. Some remedies are given as liquid, depending on your case.


4. Follow the simple instructions on how to take your remedy. Observe your response to the remedy - making your own notes with dates/times when you observe changes, is extremely helpful for both of us, as it is easy to forget details such as if/when you notice changes.


5. Contact via phone, text or email - a short feedback during those weeks in between appointments is important; to monitor how you are responding to the remedy and assess progress. 


6. We meet again in 6 to 8 weeks for a follow-up appointment unless it’s an acute which should resolve more quickly. Follow up appointments are usually 30 - 60 mins face to face or Zoom.


Acute conditions are normally resolved quickly although chronic conditions usually takes a series of visits. 

What to expect?
  • Your response to the treatment will depend on many factors, including your overall health, how long you have had the condition and it’s severity, and your commitment to following the programme. Some may feel relief after the first remedy, others may take longer and may need a series of remedies over time, which can be many months. Outcome for each person will vary; an improved and manageable state may be the best outcome possible for some cases. 

  • Chronic cases require patience and commitment to stay the course, as your case is unpicked, like peeling back layers of an onion. Conditions that have lasted for many years can take months to resolve; there are no quick fixes.  

  • Homeopathic treatment is an active partnership between client and practitioner. Taking the homeopathic route naturally involves deeper observation of yourself as a Whole. We discuss not only your symptoms but also your nature as a whole person, preferences, sleep patterns, response to stressors whether physical mental or emotional, fears and many other factors.

  • Investing time and patience with yourself is worth the effort, not only for symptom relief, but rejuvenation - feeling of ease, well being and increased vitality. Many times especially with chronic conditions, we become accustomed to feeling below par and just learn to live with it. We lose sight of ourselves being able to feel freedom in our bodies and minds again. Yet we all deserve to feel great and it's actually our natural state.  


  • Remedies are best taken alone for optimal action, but if you are taking medication under your GP's supervision, the remedies can be taken alongside. 

Consultation Fees


1st Appointment

Follow up Appointment




1st Appointment

Follow up Appointment




Included in your fee*

*If your remedy has to be purchased specifically for you, see terms below.


Up to 14 yrs
  • Consultations Fees apply whether face to face or Zoom call. 


  • Short acutes appointments 20 mins - £25 including the prescription fee (for existing clients only).

  • Fees cover not only the consultation time, but also the considerable time to analyse your case after your appointment and the cost of your remedy. The fee also includes short feedback calls, texts or emails in between appointments to assess the progress of your remedy. If calls become lengthy and frequent then they will be charged the pro rata consultation rate on a 15 minute basis.

  • Remedies are included in the price, unless they are out of stock and have to be purchased specifically for you from the homeopathic pharmacy in which case they are in addition, plus postage.

  • Zoom consultations to be paid by BACS at least 1 day before the appointment.


  • Missed appointments will be charged at 50% unless full 24 hrs notice given.


  • Some health insurance policies cover homeopathic treatments, so check your healthcare plan.

Let's get started!